March 1, 2021
CNC Router

M1S CNC Routers

Our M1S flagship series CNC routers are serious heavy duty production machines with a standout design. Unrivaled in its premium class they feature a comprehensive spec from standard.  Our M1S is available in 4 sizes, 1.2×2.4m, 1.5x3m, 2mx3m and 2mx4m. These are super fast, smooth, accurate CNC machines.
March 1, 2021
CNC Router UK

A1S CNC Router UK

Our A1S CNC routers are our entry level large format machines. Designed to accept 8ftx4ft boards and larger they are very capable machines with a host of options and upgrades as standard. You get peace of mind with comprehensive parts and Labour warranty and free training.
March 1, 2021
CNC machines

1313M Enclosed – CNC Machines

Our 1313m enclosed industrial CNC routers / CNC Machines are designed to accept a generous 4ft x 4ft stock piece of material with 305mm Z axis gantry clearance. The interlocked enclosure not only contains dust and debris but reduces cutting noise. The 1313m series are highly specced machines as standard with servos, vacuum bed and much more.
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