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CNC controllers Spindles Jog pendants Tool setters  
Depending on the machine we can fit our very own CNC control system as shown. It was developed specifically for us and features the very latest technology. We can also fit a handheld controller or your choice of osai, Siemens or fanuc controller as well as a PC based front end. We supply a wide range of spindles, mounting options and tooling to suit every application and budget. We have 3 to 6 axis CNC jog controllers available. They are an invaluable addition to any cnc machine for precision positioning of the cutter and setting datums. 2 types of tool setter are available, one is for single tool use which is only positioned under the tool and then removed after setting. The other type is for machines with ATC (automatic tool changers) which are fixed in position.
Software Vacuum pumps Gaurds and safety equipment   Vacuum beds
We supply software to suit your machining requirements. We work with many software providers including vectric and Delcam. Our vacuum pumps are Italian origin and the best quality. We also supply filter units and pressure relief valves Perimeter enclosures and light beam gaurding are supplied as standard on our HD series of machines. We do offer retrofits to bring other machines up to date and we can also integrate pressure mats and interlocks. Vacuum beds are essential for clamping sheet materials. We have different vacuum beds for machining rigid sheets and for machining films, foils and lighter card type materials.  
Metal cutting lubricators Dust extraction    
We offer MQT minimal oil consumption lubricators for cutting metals on our cnc machines. These are the best units available from unist and vastly inprove cutting performance and tool life.   It is important to match the extraction system to the material and volume being cut. For example we have different systems for fine dust and metal swarf in coils and everything inbetween.    

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